Jack Malloch’s first gunrunning flight into the Yemen

Back in 1963 not many people in Southern Africa knew that the king of the Yemen had been overthrown and the country had descended into civil war. Rhodesians had their own problems to worry about, the war in Katanga, the crumbling Federation and the Winds of Change. Yet one brave and daring Rhodesian, Captain Jack Malloch, played a vital role in supporting the Imam’s return to power and turning the tide against the Communist revolutionaries. This is the remarkable recollection of Jack’s first high-stakes flight into the unchartered Yemeni desert…
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4 Responses

  1. I have already put my name down for one copy of the book. I’m considered ordering one for my brother in law who lives in Harare and who worked for Jack Malloch as a flight engineer .Have you any idea a) what the price will be and b) can it be sent to Zimbabwe

    1. Hi Chris. Thanks very much for both the comment and the book order. At the moment I am not 100% certain of either the retail price of the price that the publisher will be charging directly. I believe in Canada (where I am based) it will be somewhere between thirty two and thirty six Canadian dollars depending on whether it is hardback or paperback (they are producing both versions), so in Rand I’m guessing somewhere around R300. It will be good value though as the book will be substantial and is going to be more than 400 pages with almost 100 photographs. The publisher will definitely be able to have copies delivered into Zim and I know they do have some retail outlets there who will be stocking the book. For example I know the bookshop in Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale will be stocking it. I would be interested to know who your brother-in-law is as I interview many of the ATA and Affretair staff.

  2. Hi Alan, Jeff Stephens here. Nice to find you again. I note Canada. Can you confirm an on line site that will deliver the Book? Is that Photo still available.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Jeff. Great to hear from you after all this time, and I must thank you again for all of the help with the book. There are several sections in it where you have been credited. For the first run we haven’t been able to get much international distribution organised and I am hoping once the international book chains and distributors actually see the printed hardcopy they will be more inclined to stock it as I would like to get distribution in both the UK and Australia where there is a large ex-Rhodesian / South African community. Meanwhile the best options for you at this stage is to email the publisher and place an order directly with them as they will be able to send you a copy. We are also hoping to have Amazon stock it as well. Right now though the publisher is your best bet. Email them at admin@exmontibusmedia.co.za. You also ask about the photo. Please can you let me know which photo you are talking about? Thanks again.

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