The Great Caine Robbery

In August 1963 Ronnie Biggs and his gang robbed the Glasgow to London mail train in what became known as the Great Train Robbery. They escaped with £2.6M, which was a record amount at the time. This audacious crime and the huge cash haul was a massive news story and almost everyone knew all about it. Yet from a Rhodesian perspective that record didn’t last for long. Just three years later a much bigger crime was perpetrated. It was a heist of more than ten times the £2.6M that Ronnie Biggs had got away with and became known as the Great Caine Robbery. Yet it was hardly reported at the time and is now almost completely forgotten...
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  1. What an incredible story…It makes me so proud of being a Rhodesian. Our resilience was even greater than I ever imagined.

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