There are a lot of polarising issues in the world right now, with the Coronavirus, vaccines and Trumpism just being a few. As the media has been hijacked by political and business lobby groups who want to manipulate information to drive the outcomes that they want, we need to be vigilant in searching out both sides of the controversies before us. This is critical to be able to determine just exactly what the truth is and where it is lying in the darkness between the opposing radical points of view. 

As neutral journalism is overwhelmed by paid populist opinion I believe it is the duty of all writers to stand up and fulfil their duty of researching, analysing and advocating the truth, no matter how unfashionable and unpopular it might be. 

Freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, which are both under serious threat, are foundational pillars of democracy as they keep the public informed on what is really going on, not simply what we are being told. I hope you find these posts interesting and that they give you some insight into a different perspective which you might not have considered before…