The short and violent history of Katanga

While succession and civil war are by no means unique in Africa, the character and intent of Katanga, along with its brutal end, certainly were. They tried, for a few short years, to establish a multi-racial society based on the Western principles of democracy, equality and free-enterprise. Sadly, in the midst of an entire continent enthusiastically embracing the excesses of revolutionary Marxism, Katanga and her leader Moïse Tshombe were both definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. In tragic irony, they were finally crushed by the United Nations themselves...
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2 Responses

  1. Hi Alan, looks like you have done a pretty thorough job, after a cursory glance. Small thing I noticed, p 8 there are two references to 5 Commando, should be 4 Commando. In case you are interested, or can spread the word, I have reprinted all of Mike Hoare’s seven books. All via the website

    1. Hi Chris. Thank you for catching that small but very significant error. It will definitely be corrected in the next edition of the book. Thanks for the note on your Father’s books. Those are very important to preserve both his memory and the historic record.

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