Welcome to my blog.

This is a collection of my various articles, essays, commentaries and observations that covers a wide range of topics, broadly clustered in the three areas of history, philosophy and commentary. Which as you will see covers a lot…

I have always wanted to make a career of writing, and this started when I left Art College and joined the advertising industry as a copywriter at the tail end of the glorious age of ‘Mad Men.’ At the end of the 1980’s I was compelled to take up employment outside of Zimbabwe and after a brief spell in the Middle Eastern ad industry I established my own advertising and PR agencies, firstly in Dubai then in Botswana.

It was there that I wrote my first book, the Globetrotter travel guide to Botswana. Between 1998 and 2012 I did seven updated versions of it before Globetrotter sold up and their hard copy travel guides were discontinued. While living in Gaborone I also started writing and researching Jack Malloch’s biography. That turned into a twenty year exercise with the final book eventually being published in 2020.
As you can imagine the research for both of these books was a lot of fun and they have generated a lot of other writing opportunities for me, some, covering the areas of history, philosophy and commentary that are included in this blog.
I hope you find these various articles that I post here interesting and I look forward to your comments, compliments and criticism.

Alan Brough

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Is this really ‘The End’?

So, is this really ‘The End,’ and should we be worried?

If the newspaper headlines over the last year are to be believed then it does very much appear as if The End is indeed upon us.

The question is whether this is really true or are we just being panicked and corralled by the fear that all this media click-bait is hyping up?

I have given this careful consideration since we were first told back in early 2020 that we would be seeing bodies piling up in the streets as a result of Covid-19. Unfortunately, considering all the various sources, I think the real drama is yet to come…

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The Point of Perfection™


We love it and are lured by it, mainly because it is so rare and so elusive.

The sad reality is that things are hardly ever perfect. And if they are perfect, much like the fleeting golden sunset, they don’t seem to stay perfect for every long.

Why is that, and is there anything we can do about it?

I believe there is. But, like all good things in life, it takes careful planning, application and continual management…

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